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Our Story

I remember many years ago when I wanted to shop for my first baby. I had just been married a year and new to Lagos. New to baby making too of course, lol! I did not know what to buy or where to shop. On the advice of an aunt, off I went to Lagos Island market with my big belly, swollen feet and aching back accompanied by my aunt and guarded by my husband. 

So there we were at a random baby shop and we were so confused, what items would we need to take to the hospital for delivery? What products would baby need in the first 3 months and the next three? These are some of the many questions we had but could not get answers to, the market is a busy place and sellers hardly have time to answer questions, allay fears and comfort the confused parents to be. It is not that the sales persons we met that day did not want to help, only that the market is full of hustle and bustle and is not designed to work that way.

I had always thought to myself, I would love to own a store where parents can come, feel comfortable, share their thoughts, fears and experiences and go home with baby products that they are happy with. A place where they can be sure not to buy 4 products that perform the same functions because their was someone that cared enough to let them know. The dream was born several years down the line.

Bringing a baby into this world can prove to be a demanding time for parents, especially if its your first time, this is the reason Unique Children partners with parents to deliver best quality products at affordable prices with lots of warmth and well wishes.

We retail fun and practical clothing for babies and kids, baby layette, baby gear, nursery furniture, maternity essentials and back to school items.

Because we genuinely love our parents, we provide free baby prep budget planning and instalmental payments to you so that you bring your bundle of joy home confident and ready while ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

Hop on board, let's be your helping hands!